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Games provided

X01 (from 210 to 1501)

Cricket Games: Standard Cricket, Tactic Cricket, Random Cricket, Cut-Throat Cricket.

Practice Games: Around the Clock, Catch 40, 99 Darts at XX, 9 Darts Double Out (121/81), Round the World, Bob’s 27, Random Checkout, 170, Cricket Count Up, Count Up.

Party Games: Shanghai, Bermuda, Gotcha.

Support online games.

Support connect via bluetooth.

Key features

  • Most easy to use darts app. Support both phone and pad, both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Play online darts games with your friends.
  • Most Games Support up to 6 players.
  • Provide detailed statistics for each game to help you to understand and improve your darts skill.
  • Provide detailed game histories for each Leg and Match.
  • Provide DartBot with different levels for X01 and Standard Cricket.
  • Support Match Mode (legs format and sets format) for X01 and Standard Cricket.
  • Provide lots of different settings for each game.


A professional darts scorer and stats keeper