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Tactics is the UK version of Cricket, and the rule is almost the same as Standard Cricket. However, Tactics, in addition to 20 through 15 and the bull’s-eye, also uses Doubles and Triples as separate scoring objectives. You can score on these targets the same way on Standard Cricket numbers. One dart cannot count two different ways. If you hit a triple 20, you can count it as three 20s or as one triple, not both. 

There are two ways of playing Tactics, ‘slop’ and ‘strict’. In Slop Rules Tactics, all doubles and triples count, while in Strict Tactics, only the doubles and triples of valid cricket numbers count.

The major tactical difference in game play between Tactics and Cricket is the introduction of Triples and Doubles as objectives. The player is offered a choice as to how these may be applied to his score. If 20 has been closed by only one player and that player hits the triple 20, he has the option of taking the 60 points, or applying this as one ‘triple’. If 19 has been closed by both players, but triples have only been closed by one, that player can still use the hit to score 57 points.

Other versions played in Canada and in the USA are similar to the above but using the numbers 20 down through 13 and 20 through 12 respectively.