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9 Darts Double Out

It’s a good game for intermediate and advanced players, it helps to:

  • Practice your checkout pattern and doubles
  • Practice your scoring
  • Practice for handing pressure
  • Practice multiple areas of the board

Rules of this game:

  • The goal is to checkout within 9 darts, starting at 121.
  • If you finish it within 9 darts, you advanced to the next number 122, 123 and so on.
  • If you fail to finish within 9 darts, you fall back to the current base number. For example you goes all the way up to 124, but fail to checkout within 9 darts, you will fall back to 121 again. (Some variation allows you to fall back to the last number 123, instead of the current base number 121, which makes it not that stressful.)
  • There will be a new base number every 5 numbers. So 121, 126, 131, 136, 141, etc are all “base number” so to say. You cannot fall lower than the current base number. So if you are at 128 and fail to checkout within 9 darts, you fall back to 126, if you fail to checkout 126 as well, you still stay at 126 and will not fall lower.
  • If you manage to checkout a number only in 3 darts, the next number will be your new base number. For example if you checkout 132 in 3 darts, then 133 will be your new base number and you will not fall lower than that.
  • Play as long as you want or if you reach 170.